Support for Ex-Vegetarians

Sometimes it's difficult being vegetarian in a non-vegetarian world. Being vegetarian can be challenging if we're taught unhealthy eating habits. Or if we can't seem to find good vegetarian food. Or if our family/friends don't support our decision to go vegetarian. While we still believe going vegetarian is a good idea, our circumstances can make it very difficult to stay vegetarian.

But these challenges can be overcome! Many of us struggle – and it often takes more than one attempt to go vegetarian. That's okay! The important thing to remember is that you can be healthy and happy as a vegetarian! And we want to help you get there.

All people should be given good nutritional information. Sadly, information on healthy eating isn't always easy to find. People can thrive on vegetarian diets! But since most people (including doctors!) have not received proper education about vegetarian diets, we are often given incorrect, misleading, or even false information about vegetarian diets. Luckily, the health problems experienced by vegetarians are often easily overcome.

Finding Social Support

Family, friends, and others can make it difficult for us to stay vegetarian. From refusing to buy or cook us food to making downright mean jokes or cruel comments, people can make us uncomfortable – all because we don't want to eat animals! Its important you have people in your life that support your decision to go vegetarian. And a little bit of advice on how to deal with family and friends can make life much, much easier!

renewing commitment

Our life circumstances can make it difficult to stay vegetarian – but helpful advice and friends can make all the difference! Once you've had a chance to get some tips on vegetarian health and living, we recommend that you renew your commitment to being vegetarian: make a contract with yourself, tell the people you are close with you're going back to being vegetarian, throw out all the animal products in your house, or whatever works for you. You can be a happy, healthy vegetarian! And there are a lot of supportive people (like us!) who want to help see that happen!